Q: Is this all fictional?
No. Quit asking me this.

Q: What are these things?
We aren't exactly sure. Terms we've used have included oddity, curio, and bleedover (assuming they "bleed over" from another dimension/plane). Generally, we call them curios, because they're mostly mildly interesting with no real use. And it's fun to say.

Q: How do you know when a new curio will appear?
A: There's this old man with a big white beard that mutters to himself in public. He's frequently heard ranting about the rain smelling like cinnamon. Thus, he's known locally as the Cinnaman. Eventually we realized that whenever we would hear the Cinnaman's Cinnarant, we'd find a new curio within a week or so. We aren't sure what the link is between these things appearing, and the rain faintly smelling of cinnamon. But the Cinnaman knows. Anyway, the Cinnaman calls us and lets us know when things are getting spicy so we can prepare. I know it doesn't make sense. I stopped caring.

Q: Do you have a timeline of when each of these discoveries were made?
A: No. Time is an illusion. I mean this in a way which probably wouldn't make sense to you now but will maybe make sense in the future.

Q: How are the contents of this museum in your shed, on this website, and mostly destroyed, all at the same time?
A: Shut up. Just shut the fuck up.

Q: What's wrong with Dan?
A:We took some of the money we got selling #11 and got him checked out by an actual brain doctor. After hours of psychological examination, she finally broke the news to us that he has an incurable case of genuine dumbfuckitis. If you would like to help this poor man, please donate to me, because if you donate to Dan, he'll just spend your money on enamel pins and ceremonial daggers.

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